Welcome Message

Dear Members and Friends of Parnassos,

Welcome to our website.

It is our intention to enable you to keep updated and current on what is happening in general with your Society, from who the executive members are and how to contact them to what upcoming events we are planning for you.

This does not, however, have to be all there is to this site. Its usefulness and cultural value also depend on you, the members. We encourage you to submit short stories, poems, articles, photos or anything you might feel would be of interest to all of us, within the sphere of the Society’s mandate, of course.

As those of you who have been long time members of Parnassos would realize, this is an innovation for the Society as we have never had a website before. A website is a dynamic entity which will keep growing and improving as time progresses provided we all embrace it and contribute to its success.

Thank you and happy surfing

Your Executive