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Your church choir is in a new building phase and we plan to renew ourselves with new challenges and new voices.  We welcome parishioners ‘young and young at heart’ to join us at any of our regular practices to give it a try.  Our normal practice time is 7:30pm on Monday’s and we would love to see you there.  If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Maria Zoukis at 613-491-3698

About the Choir

The official establishment of the Church Choir is not quite known. In the early days (30s and 40s) an informal group of men and women gathered to practice a few times for Christmas and Easter Services under the supervision of Father Vasilios Demeroutis. Regular practices began in the Fifties under the supervision of Father Philip Ramphos with Nick Michelis as Choir Master. Over the years Soula Varaklis and Eva Maglaras conducted the Choir. The first pianist was Stella Bouris-Attfield. The current pianists are Georgina Korbilas-Karlis (since 1982), Angela Sophianopoulos-Kokkinos and, occasionally, Steve Ramphos (since the early ’50s). The current Choir Master (since 1982) is Eva Maglaras.

The Choir chants on Sundays during the Divine Liturgy with a break during the Summer months. Also, it had have performed at the Museum of Civilization, on Canada Day, and on special events such as testimonial dinners. The Choir, along with the Sunday School, organizes the annual Christmas concert. The first Chanters were Ioannis Bouris, Stavros Ladas and Demetrios Sapounidis and they continued for many years. For over 50 years, Nick Michelis is the volunteer chantor of the Church. In recent years Stathis Karaiskos has been appointed as the regular Chanter for the Church.

Our CD

The Church Choir released its first CD called: The Sounds of Prayer and Tradition

Over 20 hymns and songs to enjoy!

To purchase your copy, please call the Church or Community office at 613-225-8016 ext 221