GOYA: Who We Are, What We Do.

Greek Orthodox Youth in Canada

What is GOYA ?

The Greek Orthodox Youth in Canada, or G.O.Y.A. is a ministry to teenagers (ages 13-18) of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (Canada). The youth ministry is based on four characteristics of Liturgia (worship), Koinonia (fellowship), Diakonia (service) and Martyria (witness). Activities are therefore planned to incorporate these characteristics.

Who is in GOYA ?

The G.O.Y.A. leadership in our parish is comprised of our Spiritual Leader Fr. Alex Michalopulos, the G.O.Y.A. Executive officers, several Youth Advisors and the parents of the Executive. They all work diligently together to help formulate and implement the program each year. All parents are encouraged to be involved in G.O.Y.A. ministry: when requested they chaperone meetings, activities and retreats. The success of G.O.Y.A. depends on parental support.

Why have GOYA ?

The goal of the G.O.Y.A. youth is to actively live their Orthodox Christian faith. It is the vehicle in which they can develop their lives, faith and morals. The GOYAns learn to exercise their leadership abilities such as public speaking, delegation and working with people. Sportsmanship is demonstrated through their ability to play sports. Two or more retreats are held each year, and out of town trips are planned well in advance. Through the spiritual retreats the GOYAns enjoy a special time together for a change of pace, fellowship, reflection, growth, and bonding as community of faith. They reflect and represent the parish: activities and discussions represent the Orthodox Christian lifestyle. Our G.O.Y.A. is simply a microcosm of the life of the Church.

When and where do they meet?

The GOYAns gather once a month with the Spiritual Advisor and the Advisors for fellowship and guidance. The meeting consists of prayer, icebreaker activity, business, announcements, a presentation on a relevant topic chosen by Father Alex based on the requests & needs of the group. Snacks and refreshments are served. The meetings usually take place in the church building. Regular outings & socials are also planned to increase group interactions along ministry lines to heighten fellowship and to live & grow in the Orthodox faith. Fundraisers and stewardship are also emphasized.

Contact us!

For further information, please contact our Church Office at church@helleniccommunity.com or 613-225-8016 ext. 222