Greek Arts & Culture

Ancient Greek culture was one of the foundations of Western civilization – but the story doesn’t end there. Modern Greek arts and culture are still shaping ideas worldwide.

Interesting Articles


  • Greece – A Cultural Profile – very interesting publication put out by Citizenship and Immigration Canada about Greece
  • Hellenic Culture – Hellenic Ministry of Culture

Photo Gallery

Local Greek Artists

Dina Egar

Born in Sparta, Greece and now lives in Ottawa, she has enjoyed a successful career in watercolours, oil, and collage. Read More

Georgette Kambani

As a member of many artistic and cultural organizations, she has organized projects, coordinated activities and presented workshops in schools and studios. Read More

Katerina Mertikas

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, born in Tripoli, Greece 1957. Her highly stylized art leaves one with a smile. Read More

Stella Kerkinos-Ohan

Studied Architecture, Law and Sociology. Her work is to be found in a number of private collections in Canada and abroad. Read More

Christos Pantieras

His installation and mixed media works are created from the accumulation of invested acts of repetition as a means to regain traces of lost interaction. Read More

Cathy Rovithi-Dimitriou

Born in Crete, Greece, where she received her primary and secondary education. She started painting at the age of 23 with minimal professional instruction. Read More