Here is some of her work. Her personal information follows.



Georgette Kambani Curriculum Vitae Extracts

Personal exhibitions: Twenty, from 1975 to 2001
In numerous Canadian cities, institutions, galleries and museums, including the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Collective exhibitions 1975 – 2001
Georgette Kambani has participated in more than 50 exhibitions in Quebec City and Ottawa with members of different artistic organizations.

Invited by artistic and cultural organizations, she presented about ten lectures on Greek art, art and spirituality and her own artistic and cultural development in libraries, universities, galleries etc.

Illustrations and Posters
There are about 20 books, mostly poetry, that she has illustrated in Greece and in Canada. Ten posters also show her graphic design ability.

Other Artistic Activities
As a member of many artistic and cultural organizations, she has organized projects, coordinated activities and presented workshopss in schools and studios. In 1994, she was a television hostess on Hellenic Kaleidoscope, interviewing poets and authors of Greek origin.

Memberships and Social Activities

1974-1984 Artistic Society of Ste-Foy
1978 Creative Artists of Sillery
1978-1979 International Artists, New York
1982-1984 Artists of Quebec Cultural Communities
1982-1984 Quebec Regional Council of Culture
1985 Friends of the Quebec Museum
1985-2001 Friends of the National Gallery of Canada
1986-2001 Parnassos Greek Cultural Society
1987 Alliance francaise d’Ottawa-Hull
1987-1998 Artists of Gloucester, ARTEAST
1988-1992 Association des auteurs de l’Ontario
1992-1999 The Franco-Ontario Artists B.R.A.V.O.
1965-2001 Member of the Greek Community in Quebec and Ottawa
1997 Sacred Arts Association of Canada

Special Honours
In 1992, commemorative plate “Canada 125” received from the Governor General of Canada for the project entitled Greek Canadian Symposium, pressented by the Hellenic Cultural Association PARNASSOS. She also received awards during exhibitions and many letters of appreciation by specialists in visual arts. From Parnassos, commemorative plate, 2000.

Ontario Arts Council (1989, 1992, 1993)
Department of Canadian Heritage (1990, 1992)
National Bank of Greece (Canada) (1992, 1994)
Gloucester Council of Arts (1993)
The Centre for Greek Studies in Montreal (1994)

Mass Media
Many articles and reviews in newspapers and interviews on television and radio.

Press comments in Greece
In Greece, information on the artist can be found in:

  • Newspapers: “Estia”, 19/10/83, Athens, by Antonis Tsirbinos.
    “Andriaki”, 30/08/85, Athens, article L. Sigalas
  • Books: “Greek Artists Abroad”, published by the Ministry of External Affairs, Athens, 1983, page 178.
  • Magazine: “Ereuna”, 1993, Athens, by Yiannis Koridis, director, page 4.
  • Biographical dictionary: “Who’s Who”, Athens 1993 and 1994, published by Metron, page 271.
  • Dictionary: “The Greek Painters from the 16th to the 20th century”, Athens, 1998, published by Melissa, vol. 2, page 101.
  • Magazines: “Trito Mati”, February and April 2000, Athens paintings with comments “Endiamessi periohi”, no. 12, page 22, article by Dimitri Kitsikis (Ottawa).
  • Newspapers Greek-Canadian
    1998 “To Vima”, page 23, article by Iris Konea (Montreal)
    1999 “Patrides”, article by Anthony Vazindaris (Toronto)
  • Encyclopaedia: 1998 sec. vol., page 111 “Greek painters from 16th to 20th century” Ed. “Melissa”, Athens Greece

Paintings in Museums:
1999: “Zoodohos”, Canadian Museum of Civilization, Hull Quebec
2000: Museum of Contemporary Art (Athens) the painting “Mitropolis”
2000: Museum of the City of Athens (Athens, Greece) the paintings “Around the Aeropolis” and “Explosion of a Star”

The Book of G. Kambani: “Poems – Paintings – Symbols” can be found in the following places:
National Library of Canada
Candian Heritage
Ottawa Public Library
Municipal Library of Gloucester
Municipal Library of Nepean
University of Ottawa
St. Paul University, (Ottawa)
Ottawa School of Arts
University of Quebec, Hull Quebec
Montreal Centre for Greek Studies (Montreal)
Hellenic Community of Ottawa
Embassy of Greece in Ottawa
General Consulate of Toronto
Canadian Museum of Civilization, Hull
National Museum of Greece (Athens)
Museum of Contemporary Art (Athens)
Museum of Benaki (Athens)
Museum of the City of Athens (Greece)
The National Gallery of Canada
Kairi Library, Andros Greece
Enosis Andrion, Athens Greece
The Vermillon Publisher, Ottawa
Jean Claude Bergeron Gallery, Ottawa