mertikasKaterina Mertikas

Katerina Mertikas (nee Patrinos), Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, born in Tripoli, Greece 1957. Now permanent resident of Ottawa, Canada. Her highly stylized art leaves one with a smile which is much like Katerina’s optimistic, happy character. Her husband and two daughters are often the inspiration behind many of her paintings. She paints childhood’s fleeting and precious moments, hoping that in each painting someone may recognize themselves in their past or perhaps see their children enjoying their day. The true naive painter creates spontaneously and freely out of the urgings of the heart. The originality and poetic immediacy of such work delight by the unconscious sincerity with which private fantasies have been expressed. Particularly naive expressionism exhibits not only decorative and narrative simplicity, but, above all, imaginative vividness and infinite delight in discovery. Her work is sold in many fine galleries in Canada.

“First Time Travellers”

“A Few More Minutes”